Welcome to #TeachingTuesday with the Lethbridge Hurricanes!

It’s time to learn with your favourite hometown team; every Tuesday morning we will be releasing a new player workbook for your child to work through in their spare time. These workbooks are designed for students in Grades 1-7, we recognize that not every child will be able to complete all questions and assignments in the book and that’s okay. Every child is at a different educational level, what activities they can accomplish in the booklet is up to them and you, their parent/guardian. Each activity in the workbook will show the recommended grade that activity is for but those are just guidelines, you decide what questions your child can do. We worked hard to include creative ways you can help your child develop their reading, language arts, math, and art skills. We hope you and your child enjoy going through these workbooks over the next few months. We are not educational professionals, please note these workbooks should not replace course materials you may receive from your child’s teacher(s) but are meant to provide additional material for your child. We hope these workbooks combined your child’s love for hockey and the Lethbridge Hurricanes can help him/her work on their learning at home.

An answer key is provided, to the best of our ability, at the back of each workbook.
Don’t forget to have your child colour in the first page (cover page) – share photos and videos of your child working through the books at home. Be sure to use #WHLCanes and #TeachingTuesday and tag us on Twitter (@WHLHurricanes) or Instagram (@WHLHurricanes)!

From April 27-May 1 we celebrate Education Week in Alberta! We extend a “thank you” to our educators and their support staff for taking our community families through these unprecedented times – what a journey it has been! Click the graphic below for more information on Education Week. Look for additional resources we’ll be sharing throughout this week for your child to work on at home.


It’s time for a geography lesson – WHL style!

Download the WHL Team Map below to learn where WHL teams are located.

Download the Hurricanes Team Map to see where our players’ hometowns are.

Education-Week-WHL_thumbnail Education-Week-Hurricanes_thumbnail Education-Week_terms-thumbnail

Looking for some additional educational material? Download our #WHLCanes Flash Cards to use in your math equations! These Flash Cards are also referenced in the workbooks as an optional activity for younger kids.


Click on the graphic below to download the available workbooks.

Teaching_Tuesday_Players-thumbnail Teaching_Tuesday_Players-thumbnail
Teaching_Tuesday_Arny-thumbnail oks-thumbnail Teaching_Tuesday_Hall-thumbnail
Teaching_Tuesday_Dino-thumbnail Teaching_Tuesday_Jonesy-thumbnail Teaching_Tuesday_Players-thumbnail